Walking aid for the blind

It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything in electronics. Well, not really; I’ve only kept from publishing them. I’ve spent the past few months working on my undergrad project. There were mini-projects I undertook from time to time during this period, but this was my first major project that would be under some real scrutiny and I had to concentrate on it. This is essentially why I have been too offline than is normal in terms of publicising my real work, although you would find my non-tech thoughts spread around the inter-webs (if you’re looking really hard, I must add – which is a very sad realisation). So, here, I bring to you my prized brainchild – the walking aid for the blind.

Heaven – I still have a chance…

Update: I no longer hold these views, but people change, and the only way to know if its for the better or worse is by having a reminder of the person you used to be.

I have been an atheist for the better part of my life. I started doubting everything at the age of six and I was pretty sure by my first holy communion – the make-believe ritual of eating an unleavened wafer masquerading as the literal body of the 2000 year old vampire Jesus Christ – that all this religious crap was utter poppycock. I’m, as of now, not confirmed as a Roman catholic, which is to say that the sacrament of confirmation eludes me.

The key to happiness…

Happiness is the only emotion without an equal or an anti-parallel.

Denver Dias

For as long as humans have learnt to communicate, they’ve tried attributing the ‘one without an equal’ label to Love, but I just don’t see it, yet. To me, happiness is everything. Even love isn’t any good without happiness.

A new category…

Why don’t I just get to the point? Today, I’m here to tell you about a new category of people. They are people, nice people, that want to have nothing to do with the set of laws created by mankind. I’m one of them. It’s, of course, not going to be easy for me to do so. This is a completely new set of philosophies – a psychological breakthrough.

One question. Why post it here and not publish it into peer-reviewed psychology journal?

Morse code generator using Arduino…

‘Micro-controllers’ was a theory chapter in the Computer Science course I had in my pre-university years, and yet I hadn’t really seen one up close until the end of my first year at MIT, Manipal. Learning of micro-controllers was not a big deal; the real deal was writing a micro-controller program on your own without help(and I don’t mean simple programs that involve flashing LEDs in a sequence at best). Tens of my colleagues have made robots using micro-controllers, but only because they were parts of guided tours. They hadn’t much to do with the robots they owned. Not being rude here, just ask yourselves, “Am I capable of writing programs for the chip from my bot and incorporate it in a different bot?” Well, I am. Now, this is certainly not the first thing I’ve ever made; it’s just the first thing I have shared for everyone to see.